bmf Business Services organises a full schedule of events on the island of Ireland. We have a range of well-established corporate events in branded business and public sector events that range from two-day national industry specific summits to more intimate round table discussions. Due to Covid-19 bmf Business Services moved these events online and was the first company to use a dedicated conference platform to give speakers and delegates a better experience.

Online conferences

We have invested in a professional online platform which will allow speakers and delegates to follow the normal structure of a conference. This includes:

  • Chair and speakers on screen during the session
  • Speakers will be able to use their PowerPoint slides and video
  • Interaction with senior audience through Q&A session, with delegates being able to post questions, moderated by the chair
  • A chat facility for delegates to make comments, moderated by Energy Ireland
  • Technical support throughout the event
  • A handout facility will allow delegates to receive relevant documentation

Delegates get a ‘conference experience’ that goes beyond the normal video conferencing meeting formats.

Live events

Throughout the year bmf Business Services produces a range of branded events, the content of which is directly to our range of publications. Whilst online events enable this content to be delivered to delegates in an interactive manner, live events offer the opportunity to network. We also have a limited number of corporate exhibition spaces at each event.

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